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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Airborne?
Elmhurst Airborne is a boys and girls competitive travel basketball program. The organization is a not-for-profit program that is run by a volunteer group of Board Members. Our organization strives to provide a fun, safe environment for District 205 students to learn and improve their basketball skills. Our primary goal is to prepare the boys/girls to play basketball at the high school level.

Who can play Airborne?
The Elmhurst Airborne Basketball program is open to 3rd through 8th grade boys and girls that live within the Elmhurst School District 205 school boundaries.

When are tryouts?
Tryouts are typically during late August & early September. It is likely that there will be an Initial Tryout out date and a Callback Tryout. Depending on the number of players trying out, there may be cuts after the initial tryout and then final cuts made after the Callback Tryout.

Our goal is to keep as many teams as possible, however we are limited by the amount of gym time that is available for our use. There is no cost to tryout for an Airborne Team

How many players on a team?
Ideally there are 10 players per team. There may be some situations where a team may have up to 12 players or slightly less than 10 players.

How are teams selected?
Teams are selected during the tryouts based upon skill ability. Evaluations are conducted during the tryouts by Board Members, current coaches and past coaches. Typically players are evaluated on dribbling, shooting, defense and overall basketball skills. 

How are coaches selected?
All coaches are selected from a pool of interested people by the Elmhurst Airborne Board. Anyone interested in Coaching, whether Head Coach or Assistant Coach, an Elmhurst Airborne team should contact the Board to express interest.

Typically Coaches that are considered in “good standing” from the prior season are afforded the opportunity to continue coaching their respective team the following season.  It is common for many coaches to coach their respective team beginning in the 3rd or 4th grade through the completion of their 8th grade season.

All coaches are required to complete a background check each season.

What is the cost to play Airborne?
Our fees are evaluated each year based upon the program overall costs, including insurance, gym fees and miscellaneous costs. 

In addition, required uniforms typically cost between $100 and $150. Typically the uniforms can be worn for multiple years depending on each players growth.

There is a limited amount of financial assistance available each season for families that are in need. Assistance is handled on a case by case basis. Please contact the Elmhurst Airborne President to discuss.

What is the season commitment ?
Teams are selected at the end of August and early September. Our season starts in mid October with practices. Games will officially start early  November and run through late February or early March.

There are typically 2 practices each week for 1.5 hours each. The younger grade levels practice from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm and older grades from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm at a local gym location.

Younger teams (3rd - 5th) typically play between 20 - 25 games and older teams (6th - 8th) play 25 - 35 games each season. Most teams play a combination of the league games, within the DuPage Youth Travel Basketball League, and tournaments. Games are mostly on Saturdays and Sundays and can range from no games in a weekend to 5+ depending on tournament schedule/league schedule.

Attendance  to practices and games are crucial to the development of each players skills and understanding of the team concept and capabilities. 

Playing Basketball with another Basketball organization during the Airborne Season is not allowed and is strictly enforced.